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Game Room Planner


How much space do I need for a billiard table?

The first step in planning your room is to make sure you have adequate space for the size of billiard table and game tables you are considering. Use the Required Room Size chart below to judge if you have enough space for a billiard table and what size cues you will need to accommodate your room.

Planning your game room is easy:

The F.G. Bradley’s game room planner is designed to assist you in planning the layout of any game room. It’s so easy! Download and print the Game Room Planner Grid, measure and draw out the room you are considering turning into a game room. Each square is one foot by one foot.

Now download and print the Game Room Planner templates. Cut out the game tables you want to fit in the room and lay them on the grid to reveal what options you have! There are even to scale cues to help you determine if you have enough space. Remember you need enough space to fit a cue from the “playing surface” of the table, to the wall in order to play proficiently.