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Table Services

Table Services

F.G.Bradley’s has been selling and servicing billiard and game tables for over 40 years, and in that time we have learned that the more information we have, the better we can serve our customers; therefore, when booking your service we like to get the following information:

1. Where is the service?

We will need a postal code for the service and, in the case of a delivery, where it is going to give any quote. We service all of Ontario, but, sometimes, mileage applies.

2. What is the size of your billiard table?

It is important to know the exact size of the table before we book our service. This is to ensure we have the right team available. In those instances where we need to recloth the table, the cloth needs to be cut for the table, and once cut, your cloth is final sale. If the table is currently installed, the best measurement is straight across the table from the inside edge of one bumper to the opposite inside edge at the point where the ball touches the rail. Please see our tip on measuring tables. However, if your table is not already assembled, you can give us the size of the table by measuring the width of the pieces of slate.

3. How many pieces of slate is the table?

Most home tables are not 1 piece slate tables, and depending on the size, they can be 3-5 pieces. As a rule, we will generally not move or install a 1 piece slate table, as the slate is too heavy to haul by a single team of installers, but we will recloth the bed and rails. Also, we will not always service a wooden or other material bed table. This is because these tables are usually not quality tables and cannot be properly levelled or clothed.

4. Is the slate joined?

Joining slate is a time-consuming process and sometimes levelling the table is part of that process, so any time we are joining slate because it has shifted, we need to charge to reinstall the table. We do not recommend picking up a pool table and moving it. This will likely cause the slate to become unjoined or, even worse, can cause the slate to chip.

5. Are we moving the table?

Our pricing always assumes that the table is in the room or in an adjoining room for the service. We do charge extra to carry the table up or down stairs to and from storage. Moreover, any move that we do happens in one day, whether we are installing or dismantling the table or not. We do not store tables. It is important that you have access to both locations on the day of your move.

6. Do we need to crate the slate?

For storing the table, we generally do not recommend crating the table. Crating the table is generally done at the request of furniture movers who plan on shipping your slate from one place to another. This entails building a crate frame around the slate on site using a chop saw.

7. What other game tables can we service?

We do service and move other types of game tables, but we often need to know the make and we will definitely need a photo of the table. We are more able to deal with brands we carry, but we might be able to service another brand if it is well-known and parts are not missing. There will be instances where using our technicians will not be as appropriate as hiring a moving company.

8. What is the make of the table?

Not all tables are the same, and we like to be prepared when we arrive. Most billiard companies will install a nameplate or add an engraving at the head of the table giving the model name and sometimes the manufacturer.

9. Do you have Boston or Snooker Rails?

Most modern tables have standard triangular shaped rails and a wide-open pocket for a larger set of billiard balls. However, some older tables and larger tables can have snooker rails, which are square shape and accommodate a smaller ball.

10. Are the cushions still good?

Over time, the rubber in billiard rails deteriorate naturally. Rail cushion rubber should have a life span of 20 to 50 years, but this can be shorter with either misuse or improper storage. Anytime you are planning on reclothing the table, you should check the rubber quality, as spending money reclothing a rail only to pull the cloth off again to recushion it is a waste of money. Rubber should not be hard. Generally, rolling a ball against a rail and listening to the rebound will give you some clue if it has gone dead. If the rubber produces a hard thunk sound or you are unable to squeeze the rubber or find particularly soft areas, it may be time to change them.

Recushioning rails is a labour-intensive proposition, and the job cannot be done on site. The rails will need to be brought to our shop where the cushion rubber will be pulled from the rails and new rubber will be cut, shaped, and attached to the rail before reclothing and bringing them back to install them.

11. Is the cloth in good condition?

Torn cloth, or cloth that is threadbare, cannot be re-stretched when a table is reassembled. This is important to know that prior to booking any service, as the technicians will not be able to recover the table when it is time to install it.

12. Do you need new cloth?

As was noted above, damaged cloth cannot be restretched, but there are other reasons to change the cloth. If you are deciding to recloth the table, we will need the proper table size and the type of cloth as there are many different cloth qualities and types to choose from. See our cloth choices here.

However, here are a couple of notes:

  1. A Snooker Cloth will have a nap and stretch around rounded snooker pockets better than a Boston or Pool cloth. We will always recommend Snooker cloth for snooker rails, see refurbishing a snooker table here.
  2. Tournament cloth is worsted. That means it is woven in a way that it does not have a nap and will play truer and faster than a standard home cloth. It will also have a higher wool content, and resist friction burns from play much longer than a standard home cloth. It may be worth the upgrade price.

13. Do you have all the hardware?

We do not stock or bring all the different types of hardware necessary for putting a table back together. If you are concerned that you are missing bolts or any other pieces, you should let us know before booking your service. If we arrive and you are missing items, we will not be able to complete the job and will still need to charge a service attempt fee.

14. When do you need this done?

The skills needed to service a billiard table need to be learned and we only use trained service teams. This means that they are booked in advance. The lead times for your service not only vary based on the service needed, but on the time of year, as we are more busy at some times than others. While we will always try to complete your service as quickly as possible, we cannot always drop everything to move a billiard table. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate evenings or weekends.

15. Do you do table inspections?

The short answer is yes, but we generally do not do them when the information can be provided over the phone. We charge a fee for our service team to come out and look at a table for insurance purposes. In almost any other instance, answering the questions in this form will be enough to let us know what we are encountering when we get there.

16. Can you plan for everything?

No. We do our best to get all the required information about a table before booking the appropriate service, but in any type of repair, there is always the chance of unforeseen issues. In those instances, our technicians may need to return to complete a job if parts of the table need to be repaired in shop or if pieces are missing or broken (we cannot stock pieces for all tables and do not provide them on site). The more information we can give to the service team, up front, the less chance there is of extending the service.

Services we offer:

Once you have determined what service you need, reach out to us here to receive a quote. 

Installation Only

Our service team will arrive and install a table that is already in location. This applies anytime the slate needs to be rejoined and includes a free relevel. They will not carry it up or down stairs.

Dismantle Only

Our service team will arrive and dismantle the table, leaving it in the room or adjoining room. They will not move the table up or down stairs.

Move and Install

The service team will retrieve the table from another floor or another location entirely, bring it directly to the new area and install. This includes a relevel.

Dismantle and Move

The service team will dismantle the table and take it directly to a new floor or a new location entirely. 

Dismantle, Move and Install

The service team will dismantle the table, transport it to a new location, and install it with a relevel.

Add Recloth to an Existing Job

While the table is already apart, the service team will change the cloth on the rails before reinstalling them to the table.

Recloth Bed and Rails Only

The team will arrive, remove the rails and recloth the bed and rails. This included a free relevel.

Relevel the table only (all other services come with Free Relevel)

The team will arrive and relevel the table. This assumes the slate is already joined.

Add a Rerubber or Rerubber the Rails

This is always done in conjunction with a recloth, as cloth being pulled from the cushion cannot be reused. The service team will get the rails and bring them to our shop. Our mechanic will pull the old rubber from the rails and build and shape new cushions. The cushions will be clothed and the rails will be returned to the table for reinstall.

Dismantle and Crate the slate

The service team will build a frame for the pieces of slate on site, using a saw on location.

Table Inspection for Insurance Purposes

A serviceperson will come and look at the table, cushions, and cloth for obvious damage. This is not a free service.