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Dart Repointing

Dart Re-Pointing...Get the point!

Dart points gone dull? Are they too short to sharpen any more? Bring them into an F.G. Bradley’s location and for a nominal fee of $10.00 plus the cost of the points, one of our associates will be happy to revitalize your darts. (Not available at all F.G. Bradley’s, may have to be sent off-site.)

Changing the length of your shafts, the shape of your flights, or the weight of your darts will all change the way your darts fly. Our dart experts can help explain how these changes can improve your game. Come into any of our stores to try out your new accessories or even if you want to try out a new set of darts in our dart alley and allow one of our experts evaluate your technique and customize a set of darts to your own throwing style.

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