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What to look for when buying a billiard table

What to look for when buying a billiard table

Is the table manufactured in Canada?

Canadian made tables offer the best value for your dollar. Wood components are used that are suitable for our climate. Parts and service are less expensive and easier to obtain.

Is billiards the dealer’s primary business, or is it just a sideline?

F.G. Bradley’s has been in the business of providing better billiard products since 1988. Every F.G. Bradley’s store is staffed with sales associates who are experts in the billiard field, with years of experience and training.

Is the table a recognized brand name?

Canada Billiard is the largest manufacturer of tables in Canada. Their tables are used in more billiard rooms and tournaments across the country than any other brand. Pocket openings and rails conform to the strict specifications of both the B.C.A. and the C.P.B.A.

Does the table utilize the “Super Speed” anchoring system?

Only the “Super Speed” method ensures that the rails are fastened securely to the slate. This ultimate link between rail and slate minimizes vibrations and guarantees quiet, lively rebound and playability. Professional “Masterspeed” rubber cushions provide true rebound and maximum accuracy.

How is the table leveled?

Most tables do not account for the unevenness of the average floor and are leveled by shimming under the legs with pieces of cardboard and wood. Canada Billiard and Herrington tables incorporate steel levelers inserted into the leg with a tapped bushing to allow leveling on almost any surface. This provides you with a clean looking and more stable table.

Is the table engineered with attention to quality and durability?

Canada Billiard and Herrington tables are manufactured with hand selected woods, from Canadian lumber mills, kiln dried to exacting specifications to perform for years in the Canadian climate. Solid wood rails utilize only one type of hardwood throughout, rather than mixing cheaper woods in hidden areas to save money.

Does the table sway when bumped?

Canada Billiard and Herrington tables are built with machined nuts and bolts throughout, unlike other brands that use screws and staples. The result, tables that maintain their original integrity, even after repeated reassembly.

Who is installing the table?

Our tables are installed by certified billiard mechanics. These professionals are trained and certified to assemble a table to F.G. Bradley’s exacting standards. F.G. Bradley’s has a network of service centres from coast to coast, so we are always close by to help you.

Does the table come with a warranty?

Canada Billiard and Herrington regulation tables come with a lifetime warranty.