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Tips on Tuning Your Yo-Yo

Tips on Tuning Your Yo-Yo

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The most usual place for there to be a problem with your yo-yo is the string. Replace the string often, especially if you yo-yo inside. There’s nothing as scary as seeing a fly-away yo-yo headed for your TV. Also, an old string will make it harder to do tricks. If the string shows any sign of wear or starts looking dirty then it needs replacing. To replace it simply hold the string a few inches above the yo-yo and unwind it until the string will slip over the yo-yo half. Take the new string, unwind the loop end and slip it over the yo-yo half, wind the yo-yo to tighten the string and you’re ready to Yo.

Correct tension is important for every yo-yo trick. Tricks that require a sleepy yo-yo need a loose string and tricks that require looping need tighter string. To loosen a string, let the yo-yo hang at the end of the string and turn the yo-yo counter-clock-wise several times. To tighten do the same thing but turn the yo-yo clock-wise several times. You have to adjust your yo-yo often.

If you have a take apart yo-yo (transaxle) it is important not to over tighten your yo-yo. Put a little wax on the last few inches of the axle end of your string. Lubricate the axle on transaxle yo-yos.

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