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Five Quick Tips for Buying a Foosball Table



1. The heavier the Foosball table the more stable it will be when the action gets aggressive. Look for a foosball table that weighs over 125 lbs. You will find some foosball tables that weigh over 200 lbs.



2. Thicker sidewall width means quicker more consistent play. Look for a foosball table with a sidewall width of at least one inch. A few of the highest quality commercial grade foosball tables will have a sidewall width of 1.5 inches.



3. Look for a foosball table with leg levelers. They make it easy to ensure a level playing surface even if the floor is less than ideal.



4. Take the brand name into consideration. Roberto and FABI offer commercial quality construction and are known for their fast style of play. Jett Games also offer commercial quality tables, and are known for their power play style. By sacrificing a little speed and adding control these foosball tables have made learning foosball techniques much easier. All three produce high quality recreational foosball tables that are fun and will provide years of home game room enjoyment.



5. A thick playing surface is important for a sturdy and level playing field. The best tables have a tempered glass play surface for a faster consistently level play.