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Theory 11



600015-Theory 11 Standard Index Provision Playing Cards - Single Deck
Item No. 600015

Theory 11 Standard Index Provision Playing Cards - Single Deck

It's been called the birthplace of America. Dating back to 1682, Philadelphia is a city with a history and culture unlike any other. Provision Playing Cards are a monument to the city's past and a tribute to its present. Illustrated by hand in Philadelphia, Provisions are 100% Made in America. Every aspect of the design was created from scratch - from the court cards to the aces, packaging, and vintage tax stamp seal. Even the inside of the box shines with gold foil. Provisions are VIBRANT - with a fiery shade of ember red on the back design that demands your attention. For the first time ever, theory11 used an ivory-tone, off-white playing card stock, which creates a vintage look and timeless, unique aesthetic. It's subtle - but the feel and finish is absolutely flawless. Produced by theory11. Designed by True Hand Society. Made in America at The United States Playing Card Company.

Price: $17.99 CDN

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