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FGB Dart Shafts



550929-Vignette 2BA Dart Shafts - Medium and Short
Item No. 550929

Vignette 2BA Dart Shafts - Medium and Short

These strong Vignette shafts come in twin colours which look as cool as they feel. Available in several colours and two different lengths - short and medium. Each pack contains 3 - 2ba shafts. 550729 Medium (Black/ Grey), 550730 - Medium (Black/ Blue) 550731 - Medium (Black/ Red) 550732 (Black/ Purple) 550733 - Medium (Black/ Green) 550734 (Black/ Light Blue) 550735 - Medium (Black/ Yellow) 550736 - Medium (Black/ Orange). 550721 – Short (Black/ Grey) 580722 – Short (Black/ Blue) 580723 – Short (Black/ Red) 580724 – Short (Black/ Purple) 580725 – Short (Black/ Green) 580726 – Short (Black/ Light Blue) 580727 – Short (Black/ Yellow) 580728 – Short (Black/ Orange)

Price: $2.99 CDN


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