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260715-Hybrid HD-500 Riley 9.5mm 57'' Snooker Cue with WAC
Item No. 260715

Hybrid HD-500 Riley 9.5mm 57'' Snooker Cue with WAC

This Hybrid snooker cue features a spiral brass joint system, and the ASI grip. This cue also features the WAC weight adjustable cue system. Simply remove each ring to make the cue lighter by half an ounce at a time. Hybrid is a new breed of Cue technology. Hybrid by Riley combines traditional Ash shafts and WRS shafts to provide the perfect styling as well as balance to the Cue, but that is where tradition ends. The butt section of the Cue is the new and more dynamic element to the Hybrid Range. The Hybrid butt section is a moulded Polyurethane which provides a much more controlled feel (enhanced traction control), while the softer material means there is less potential for moisture to build up on the hand during play which in effect gives the user more control. No need to keep wiping your hands during play. Hybrid’s unique style gives this new and exciting range dual appeal - Technological advancement with enhanced styling and feel. Feel the difference. ASI Grip System - Anti Shock/Impact. The new Anti Shock/Impact System allows for a smoother, more controlled feel every time you strike the cue ball. With the new ASI Grip, shock and impact (vibration) is significantly reduced during play. If you want the ultimate shock absorber try the ASI grip system. WRS – Warp Resistant Shield. The key to all good cues at different levels, regardless of additional technology preferences, is that the cue is straight. WRS Shafts are simply coated with a shield to lock moisture out. If you can keep moisture out you prevent warping. WRS is one of the latest techniques we have developed to enhance your experience and enhance the playing life of your cue. It’s simple. BCE have moved things on. New technology has arrived that will change cues for the better. **As wood is a natural substance it is susceptible to changes in climate. There is NO warranty on BCE or Riley cues for warping**

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