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Expert Tips



Check out these great expert tips! Whatever game you are interested in, we will have a tip for you. Keep checking back as we are always adding new ones.



Dartboard Selection and CareHow to Hang Your Billiard Light


Pool table lights are a must-have whether you are a novice or a veteran. Pool table lights are designed to provide you with a well-lit table. Properly hung pool table lights are just as essential as a level table and a good cue.


Dartboard Selection and CareDartboard Selection and Care


Dartboards are made up of compressed sisal fibers glued to a backing board held together by an outer metal band. The main advantage of this type of construction is that when you remove a dart from the board, the hole will heal behind it. This means bristle dart boards tend to last a lot longer than any other type of dartboard.


Bar Stool / Kitchen Counter Stool Buying GuideBar Stool / Kitchen Counter Stool Buying Guide


Bar stools are available in many different styles, materials, finishes, fabrics, sizes, shapes, and prices. F.G.Bradley’s carries thousands of different variations so choosing can be confusing. This guide is designed to help you decide which stool is right for you and your surroundings.


Dufferin Billiards CuesDufferin Billiards Cues


Unmatched in Quality, Unrivalled in Play! Since 1967 Dufferin Billiards has focused on the perfect balance between value, performance and durability. Combining state of the art manufacturing techniques with high-grade materials, Dufferin Billiards has perfected the balance between strength and performance.




Standard Poker Hand Rankings

Standard Poker Hand Rankings


There are 52 cards in the pack, and the ranking of the individual cards, from high to low, is ace, king, queen, jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. There is no ranking between the suits - so for example the king of hearts and the king of spades are equal.





Finding the Right Jigsaw Puzzle for You

Finding the Right Jigsaw Puzzle for You


Here are a few things to think about when choosing a jigsaw puzzle for yourself or as a gift for someone else to make sure you get the best out of your experience.





Why Buy a Poison Cue?Why Buy a Poison Cue?


Belly-up to the table with a handful of Poison and you'll see all the wannabes back off.  This is a line of implements unlike any other, with bleeding-edge designs that challenge the eye and best-in-class playability that can make even the best shooter all the more deadly.  But be warned: Poison is a substance that causes damage, illness and death to any organism. 


Why Buy a Predator Cue?Why Buy a Predator Cue?


Predators passion has been to be the brand of choice for serious pool players. Predator cues and shafts are used by more than 60% of the top-ranking male pros, three out of five top women professionals and over 200,000 competitive players worldwide. None of these players are paid to play with Predator products – their only reward is better performance. 



What to look for when buying a billiard tableWhat to look for when buying a billiard table


Choosing the right billiard table is a big decision. Most tables look very similar on the surface, it’s what’s underneath that makes the difference. Many consumers make the mistake of basing their buying decision purely on price. A billiard table is a once in a lifetime big ticket purchase that requires some in-depth research. We have assembled a list of what we feel are the key things to look for when you are shopping.



Billiard Table MaintenanceBilliard Table Maintenance


A billiard table is an expensive investment. You’ll want to take care of it so you can get the longest possible life from the cloth and be able to pass the table down through the generations. We have assembled the definitive knowledge base of pool table care tips and tricks. A few easy steps can keep table looking and playing as good as new for years and years to come.



Billiard Cue Maintenance GuideBilliard Cue Maintenance Guide


What should a well maintained pool cue tip look like?
A billiard cue’s leather tip should have a rough texture, not smooth. This is to allow the billiard chalk to stick to the leather. A tip should also be convex or “domed”. Pool cues should have the same curvature as a nickel, while snooker cues should be like that of a dime.



Understanding Cue Ball DeflectionUnderstanding Cue Ball Deflection


The vast majority of all shots are missed when “English” or sidespin is used. The reason is simple: when you use English, the cue ball doesn’t go where you aim it. That’s called “cue ball deflection” or “cue ball error” and the typical player takes years to learn to compensate for it.




Hit the Bull! Answers to all your dart questionsHit the Bull! Answers to all your dart questions


Darts is one of the most popular participation sports in the world. Here’s a guide to everything you ever wanted to know about darting. From hanging your board, to fine tuning your throw, get the tips that will have you throwing 180’s in no time.
Click here to toe the oche!




Table Tennis Buying Guide / Ping Pong Buying GuideTable Tennis Buying Guide / Ping Pong Buying Guide


Table tennis or Ping Pong originated in England in the 1880s as an after-dinner amusement for upper-class Victorians. A line of books was used as a net, a rounded top of a champagne cork or knot of string as a ball, and a cigar box lid as a paddle.





Put Some Spin on it! Selecting a Table Tennis BatPut Some Spin on it! Selecting a Table Tennis Bat


Table Tennis can be classified as a major sport worldwide, with millions of participants, major tournaments and its own superstars.






Five Quick Tips for Buying a Foosball TableFive Quick Tips for Buying a Foosball Table


Foosball, sometimes known as a Jettoni table are a wildly popular addition to any game room, and will bring you and your friend’s hours of fun and excitement. They lend themselves well to two player, one on one or four player team action.





Ten Tips for Buying an Air Hockey TableTen Tips for Buying an Air Hockey Table


Air hockey is a popular edition to any game room. Air hockey is one of the world's fastest paced table games, it offers lasting play value, and it presents an exciting and fun way to get exercise. Best of all, players of all ages can enjoy air hockey, and two or four players can play. Modern tables look great and have fun features like electronic scoring, timers and sound effects.



Tips on Tuning Your Yo-YoTips on Tuning Your Yo-Yo


The most usual place for there to be a problem with your yo-yo is the string. Replace the string often, especially if you yo-yo inside. There’s nothing as scary as seeing a fly-away yo-yo headed for your TV. Also, an old string will make it harder to do tricks. If the string shows any sign of wear or starts looking dirty then it needs replacing.




Guide for New Kite PilotsGuide for New Kite Pilots


There is some debate about where kites originated. Some say China, and some say in the South Pacific with the islanders there. The Japanese and Balinese have their own stories which explain the origin of kites. Wherever they were invented kites have a long history of recreational and scientific use.




Yes…it fits!Yes…it fits!

Don’t worry about getting a billiard table into your house.

All F.G. Bradley’s tables come totally disassembled to fit thru any doorway or stairway in your home.

Our Certified Billiard Mechanics will handle all the assembly for you and level the table to within 10/1000 of an inch of accuracy.


F.G. Bradley’s Used Pool Table GuideF.G. Bradley’s Used Pool Table Guide


The game of billiards has been around for many years, its popularity going through many highs and lows. Even though we find that the game’s popularity is cyclical, there is an overall increase in the number of people who play the game simply because of population increase. More people playing the game means that more people will have purchased a billiard table for their homes over the years.



Spotting and Lining Your Billiard TableSpotting and Lining Your Billiard Table


Depending on what game you play and the size of your table, you are going to have lines and spots on different places.  Marking your table for snooker play will allow you to play both pool and snooker.  If pool is the only game you currently play, we recommend that you only mark your table for pool, as the markings for snooker may be added later.




How to Check a Pool Cue for WarpingHow to Check a Pool Cue for Warping


Testing a pool cue to see if it is warped is one of the easier tasks for a pool player to do. There are a few different ways to check a cue for straightness, but by far the most popular and reliable way to see if your cue is straight is to "sight" the cue.