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510055-Shot Renegade Dart Board Cabinet Set
Item No. 510055

Shot Renegade Dart Board Cabinet Set

Obey no rules but the code of the board. The Renegade tournament sized dartboard is crafted in top quality bristle board and comes ready for play with 6 darts, scoreboards, dart holders and the only rules you need. Should you need to hide it from prying eyes, its robust black laminate cabinet with quality spring loaded brass hinges will prove very useful indeed. The full size 18'' x 1 1/2'' dart board included in this set gives you an edge against competitors with a staple free bulls eye. The Renegade dartboard is made from quality sisal and features a removable number ring for easy board rotation, this extends the playing life of your board. We suggest you rotate the number ring regularly to even out wear. Included are 6 x 18 gm Duel Steel Tip Darts by Shot Darts so you are all set to start the competition! These are made from brass plated steel, solid and respectable, with a user-friendly grip and weight but the durability of a more professional dart. Use the enclosed bracket for easy installation.

Price: $169.99 CDN

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