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200199-Chalkout Billiard Cloth Cleaner and Towel Combo
Item No. 200199

Chalkout Billiard Cloth Cleaner and Towel Combo

This revolutionary product will clean and refresh a pool table cloth in 60 seconds! SPRAY, WIPE, PLAY! Comes with our Micro Fibre cloth and cue towel. • Brings cloth back to the original color and playing speed • Dries super-fast and table is ready for play immediately • Helps cloth last 40 to 50 percent longer • Safe on all grades of pool table cloth • Eliminates table slide caused by new cloth • Keeps the hard to reach spots under the rails clean • No dust in pockets to get balls dirty • Cleans the balls and keeps them looking new • No chalk dust on furniture fixtures • Saves time compared to cleaning the old way • Plus, it cleans the Irish linen grips on cues • Also use it to clean your poker table The Micro Fibre Towel works best when cleaning your pool table or Cue. This towel is great for cleaning tables and cues Use with Chalk-Out, the Pool Table Cleaner, which creates a positive charge on your pool table cloth or cue. The microfiber has a negative charge so they will be attracted to each other, allowing the chalk and dirt to be lifted from the table surface and cue. Microfiber Towel Also use the towel to clean the rails, balls and pockets. The Pool Table Cleaner and the towel together, make a great combination for cleaning your cues as well.

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