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260565-Predator BK-Rush No Wrap BKRUSHNW
Item No. 260565

Predator BK-Rush No Wrap BKRUSHNW

The all new BK-Rush high-performance break cue combines Predator’s proven BK technology with an optimized REVO carbon fiber composite shaft developed for breaking. Featuring a four-piece fused construction butt and a REVO BK-R carbon fiber composite break shaft The Predator BK-Rush simply obliterates the competition. The patent pending Vault Plate completely re-configures the stress points between the BK Hybrid Tip, R-Break Shield, R2 molecular multi-density foam, and carbon fiber composite tube to create a construction that is stronger from every axis with less mass and a higher level of kinetic energy transfer. R2 Molecular Multi-Density Foam fills the shaft with multiple densities at specific locations to increase or decrease stiffness and transfer consistent feedback to the player’s hand. The R-Break Shield, developed from FR4 composite creates a stronger and more tactile bonding surface that not only protects the Vault Plate, but also provides the power of a phenolic break tip – with the control of the BK Hybrid Tip. BK-Hybrid tip is comprised of seven layers of premium leather injected with our hybrid additive to create a tip that offers an exceptional hardness rating (transferring more energy) with increased control and improved chalk adhesion. New aerospace grade carbon fiber tow construction methods and new fiber placement theories allow us to tune the REVO BK-R shaft by orienting the carbon fiber tow in the directions most suitable for specific locations in the REVO BK-R shaft itself. The BK Rush is available with a standard 29” shaft, finished with a Uni-Loc® Steel-Lite Quick Release™ Joint and is available in a standard 18oz weight which can be adjusted in .10oz increments via Uni-Loc® Weight Cartridge System. The BK Rush comes with a REVO soft bag REVO Wipes (x5) and Microfiber Cleaning Cloth. *Pre-order now. Cues expected to ship in September*

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