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260802-Universal Smart Shaft RS *Unavailable*
Item No. 260802

Universal Smart Shaft RS *Unavailable*

Medium-Squirt SmartShaft® with Your Choice of Adapter. The Universal Smart Cue featuring the Universal SmartShaft Goes Beyond Deflection Reduction - the SmartShaft contains Revolutionary ''Piezoelectric'' Fabric reduces cue vibration by almost half and stiffens any cue for an astonishingly solid hit, more power, and pinpoint accuracy. Instantly fit your cue with a medium-squirt (deflection) shaft. The RS-SHAFT gives you the traditional feel of a conventional shaft with the added benefit of increased power and a more solid hit due to patented SmartShaft® technology. The RS-SHAFT features a 12.75mm triangle tip, pro taper, HME ferrule technology and 8-piece radial construction for a 360 degree sweet spot. You also get your choice of adapter, so this shaft fits any cue.

Price: $254.98 CDN

Stock: No Stock