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261924-Q2 M25 57'' 12.5mm One Piece Cue
Item No. 261924

Q2 M25 57'' 12.5mm One Piece Cue

Q2 is an affordable brand of one piece cues manufactured by Dufferin. Solid onstruction and Canadian had rock Maple shafts make this a cue perfect for any situation. The shaft is made up of two pieces of maple laminated together which helps it resisit warping. The high impact fibre ferrule won't chip or crack and is polished to resist chalk staining amd is tipped with a quality hard leather tip. Angico wood butt is joined to the shaft with a four point splice and finished with a quality high gloss laquer finish. These quality cues are well priced and are the economy one piece cue of choice for the local pool room or bar. The cue is available in 18oz (261921) 19oz (261922) 20oz (261923) and 21oz (261924).

Price: $69.99 CDN


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