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Dart Points



530257-Puma Grip Points - Extra Long 45mm
Item No. 530257

Puma Grip Points - Extra Long 45mm

Points made out of hardened steel. Designed for player to grip on the front finger. Puma Darts has always paid close attention to customers' needs and has a proud record of delivering exceptional results. It is this attention to detail that has made Puma Darts products the choice of many top dart champions around the world. As well as the preferred supplier to top retailers around the world. Puma Darts has a goal and commitment to offer its customers a full range of innovative darts and darting equipment made to the highest standard, and supplied with service and backup second to none. Puma Darts aims for perfection and being a complete solution for darting equipment has led to them being the preferred dart brand and supplier to many around the world.

Price: $13.99 CDN