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Pierre Belvedere



778998-Pierre Belvedere World Class Artist Pauline Paquin Zyves - 1000pc puzzle (670282)
Item No. 778998

Pierre Belvedere World Class Artist Pauline Paquin Zyves - 1000pc puzzle (670282)

Pierre Belvédère also has its own collection of puzzles for adults produced by Trefl. From 500 to 1500 pieces, PB specializes in showcasing local artists, offering 3 series: World-Class Artists, Canadian Scenes and Our Essentials. Pauline Paquin resides in Sainte-Adele, Quebec, where she has relentlessly been pursuing her true passion found in 1979. As a figurative artist with an acute sense of observation, a flair for details, and a vivid color palette, Pauline through her canvases brings to life the magical moments of childhood. With each stroke of the brush she conveys her sensitivity with a touch of memories, of motherhood, of nostalgia and of reality. Each canvas depicts a unique magical moment of the children's universe, a world in perpetual effervescence similar to that of an endless whirl. The scenes, wether from the realm of reality or the depth of the imagination, bring us back to our own childhood. The voluntary omission of facial features makes it easy for us to be drawn into the painting, even if this is without our knowledge. Pauline Paquin's art is accessible to everybody with an open mind! From idyllic cottages and iconic landmarks to stunning wildlife and fanciful vignettes. 19 x 27 inches 1000pc

Price: $26.99 CDN

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