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260388-Dufferin Inspiration 57'' 10mm 3/4 Snooker Cue, 19oz
Item No. 260388

Dufferin Inspiration 57'' 10mm 3/4 Snooker Cue, 19oz

The oiled North American ash shaft reveals its unique grain creating a timeless classic that is both vintage and fresh in design. A hand rubbed matt finish gives the Rosewood butt a soft, warm glow and allows the wood grain to show. This cue features double flame inlays in blue and white that have a seamless flow that only an artist can create. The Traditional Brass joint is at the three-quarter length allowing a player to add an extension to their cue. The cue also comes equipped with a short extender that fastens to a threaded insert hidden in the leather bumper on the end of the butt, giving two options to play the medium or long shots on the full-sized snooker tables. Finished with a 1/2'' brass ferrule and an Elk Master leather tip, this cue demands respect from an opponent. Includes mini 6 inch extension. 37 inch or 28 inch extenders available separately.

Price: $189.99 CDN

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