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709410-The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine
Item No. 709410

The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine

Nominated for several Golden Geek Awards, including Best and Most innovative Card Game and Best Family Game of 2019, in The Crew the players set out as astronauts on an uncertain space adventure. At its heart, this game is a trick-taking card game with a little bit of theme. What about the rumors about the unknown planet about? The eventful journey through space extends over 50 exciting missions. But this game can only be defeated by meeting common individual tasks of each player. In order to meet the varied challenges, communication is essential in the team. But this is more difficult than expected in space. With each mission, the game becomes more difficult. After each mission, the game can be paused and continued later. During each mission, it is not the amount of tricks, but the right tricks at the right time that count. The team wins only if every single player is successful in fulfilling their tasks. This is an excellent game for players who want to take tricktaking games like Euchre, Wizard, Hearts and Spades to the next level of fun and challenge. A great game for 2-5 players, 10 and up. Card Sleeve Size: 56 x 87 (44); 44 x 68 (36).

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