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550477-Shot Koi Carbon Helioknot Dart Shaft Set In Blue
Item No. 550477

Shot Koi Carbon Helioknot Dart Shaft Set In Blue

Shot Koi dart stems are designed with a two-pointed taper to ensure the shaft is durable where it needs to be, right up to the point where it meets the dart flight. Multiple filets work together at the tip to help locate the flight-while reducing deflection and limiting breakages. Chamfered cuts at an optimal depth ensure dart flights fit securely and sit flush inside the dart shaft. Koi shafts are crafted from tough carbon composite for strength and a cool Helioknot weave pattern for good life and luck. Specifications: Available in 3 sizes with 3 shafts per pack. Short 35mm , Medium 41mm and in-between 48mm. Measurement does not include thread.

Price: $9.99 CDN


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