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FGB Dart Shafts



550835-Anodized 2BA Aluminum Shafts
Item No. 550835

Anodized 2BA Aluminum Shafts

Aluminum dart shafts offer a stylish, lightweight, long lasting shaft that will stand up to a lot of abuse before needing to be replaced. The smooth coating of the aluminum shaft also allows the dart to enter the dartboard on a consistent basis without bounce outs caused by plastic shafts. These shafts are available in 4 different lengths and several different colours. 550635 Medium Black, 880636 Medium Blue, 550637 Medium Red, 550638 Medium gold, 550639 Medium Purple, 550640 Medium Green, 550629 Black Short, 550630 Short Blue, 550631 Short Red, 550632 Short Gold, 550633 Short Purple, 550634 Short Green, 550623 xShort Black, 550624 xShort Blue, 550625 xShort Red, 550620 Micro (Mini) Black, 550621 Micro (Mini) Blue, 550622 Micro (Mini) Red. Choose your length and choose your colour. One set includes 3 shafts.

Price: $3.99 CDN


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