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840411-JETT 7ft Ping Pong Conversion Top
Item No. 840411

JETT 7ft Ping Pong Conversion Top

JETT’s 4’ x 7’, 2-piece conversion top is the perfect addition to your Striker Air Hockey table or the JETT Jr. Compact 6’ Pool Table. The Striker scoreboard unit folds down allowing you to gently sit the conversion top right on the air hockey table. The table can also be used on the Jett 6’ Jr. Compact Pool Table. It comes complete with net set and 2 bats with ball. The top is finished with a blue high bounce finish with all the proper table tennis lines. You can then flip the table top and use it as a dining or hobby table essentially making the air hockey and pool table a 3 in 1 unit. Carton Dimensions: 43 1/2'' X 49 1/4'' X 1 1/2''

Price: $149.99 CDN

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