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Fit Gear Shafts



550011-Fit GEAR Locked Shafts
Item No. 550011

Fit GEAR Locked Shafts

The Fit flight and shaft system are an evolution in dart technology. Made by Cosmo Darts to very precise standards the flight and shaft snap together to form a single unit. Made from polycarbonate resin they are very durable. It enhances lifespan and increases resistance to bending, breaking, and curving. Fit GEAR is the second generation of fit shafts that have been improved by increasing the strength of the shaft at key points. Thread is approximately 40% stronger. Top where flights lock on are approximately 30% stronger. Once players try the Fit Flight system they are sold. Flights and shafts last much, much longer, there are no wobbles usual associated with snap-together shafts and it is quick and easy to switch flights. Available in: Short, In-Between, Medium and x-Long Sizes. **For use with Fit Flight system**

Price: $13.99 CDN


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