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160509-Avengers vs X-Men #53
Item No. 160509

Avengers vs X-Men #53

Throughout the years, the Avengers and X-Men tangled on several occasions for different reasons. In the Avengers comic 53 they clash again, but this time the X-Men weren’t acting of their own free will. Magneto brainwashed the teens into tangoing with the Avengers, a team that had since added both Hawkeye and Black Panther to their ranks. After losing the advantage of surprise, the X-Men fell one-by-one; Black Panther bested Beast, Hawkeye used a trick arrow to stifle Iceman’s powers, and Giant-Man used his enormous fist to put the squeeze on Cyclops. By the time Angel freed his team from Magneto’s thrall, they were already defeated. Re-live this iconic battle everyday with this 23'' x 35'' print.

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