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709481-Blank Marry Kill Party Game
Item No. 709481

Blank Marry Kill Party Game

Blank Marry Kill is a game of difficult choices for 3-10 players. In this game, Jack Dire applies the style of of his games Superfight and Red Flags to a familiar game, and adds some huge twists. A random option is played every round, such as ''SWITCH TOP HALVES WITH'', making the judge decide to switch top halves with, marry, or kill each of the three character cards (like ''BOB ROSS, YOUR CLONE, and A HORSE-SIZED DUCK''). Players guess what the judge will do, then play attribute cards like ''IF YOU TOUCH THEM YOU DIE'' on each character to convince the judge to do what they guessed. Blank Marry Kill is easy to learn, and results in some amazing conversations as players learn what their friends and family would do to and with ridiculous characters and things.

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