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709571-Cheech And Chon-Opoly 18+
Item No. 709571

Cheech And Chon-Opoly 18+

CHEECH CHONG-OPOLY, THE TOKED UP TRADING GAME. Do like Cheech Chong and keep the good times rollin’ in this toked-up trading game! Make your way around the board from Pot Luck Farm to The Courthouse, buying up properties like Big Bambu Dispensary, Pedro’s Farm, and Hempire Dispensary. Get some extra cash from the Welfare Office or get stung for cash with the Munchies Tax but make sure you don’t get arrested by Sgt. Stedenko, or you could end up in the joint, man! So, grab your best buds (pun totally intended, man!), lock up your Labradors, and fire it up! CONTENTS: 1 Game Board, 2 Dice, 6 Movers with Stands, 15 Stoned Cards, 15 Not Stoned Cards, 13 Munchies Tax Cards, 12 The Joint Cards, 22 Deed Cards, Cheech Chong Cash: 500 x 25, 100 x 75, 50 x 75, and Rules. ADULTS ONLY: For people ages 18 and up, should only be played by adults. This game is recommended for 2 to 6 players or whatever.

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