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200164-Perfect Rack 2 1/4'' Racking Template Set
Item No. 200164

Perfect Rack 2 1/4'' Racking Template Set

The Perfect Rack allows you to quickly and easily rack 8, 9 or 10 balls. Rack in less then 10 seconds. Rolls up to fit in a cue case. The Perfect-Rack system is laid flat on the table and the balls are arranged on top of the template. Manufactured with a slim and durable polyester material the racks are laser cut using proprietary geometry to make sure that your rack is fair and tight to deliver the best rack before you break. The polyester material used will last for years. Gives a nice tight rack where all balls are touching. The templates are so thin, they do not effect the trajectory of the broken balls and is removed from the table after each break. This set comes with two templates allowing for 8 Ball, 9 Ball and 10 Ball. Set also includes a free breaking pad to protect cloth during a break.

Price: $29.99 CDN

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