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Item No. 130044


The flask designed for travel. The AeroFlask is the ideal companion for transporting carry-on liquor while traveling. Aerodynamically designed, the body is inspired by the shape of an airplane wing, the AeroFlask has truly unique features like no other. Our designers engineered every curve so attentively that this shape is especially comfortable and discreet when stored in the front pocket of your pants.The AeroFlask™ holds 3.4 oz (100 ml) and is designed to be the maximum container size allowed for liquids in your carry-on luggage at airports throughout the world. Unlike most flasks, the AeroFlask™ features an inside threaded spout. This design provides a sleek, clean outlook and comfortable mouth-feel while sipping. Simply slide off the nested silicone funnel from the bottom of the flask, then remove cap and place funnel on top to fill without any mess. Drink and Enjoy!

Price: $24.99 CDN

Stock: Coming Soon

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