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520355-Celt Cernunnos 90% Tungsten Dart Set -23 gram
Item No. 520355

Celt Cernunnos 90% Tungsten Dart Set -23 gram

Your Untamed Nature Wield your spear and flaunt your antlers. The Cernunnos dart set captures the wisdom of this forest guardian and mystical Celtic god of beasts and wild, mist-shrouded landscapes. With its intricate texture, its Celtic Cross, and Briar grips carved like the bark of mighty oaks and coated in green and gold, this front-weighted 90% tungsten barrel will help you see the wood for the trees. Barrel Design: This Barrel rapidly tapers down to ensure a front-weighted feel on release. Square grooves on the tapered nose are followed by the Rebellion grip - milled across the high point. The Briar grip feels like a scallop without being one; push as hard as you like; this Barrel won't slip. Finished with patterned square grooves with sufficient grip for wandering fingers. 100% designed, manufactured and colour plated at our factory in New Zealand.

Price: $179.99 CDN

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