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600338-Ellusionist Standard Index Playing Cards Hellions - Single Deck
Item No. 600338
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Ellusionist Standard Index Playing Cards Hellions - Single Deck

Beautiful Hellions 52-Standard deck playing cards by Ellusionist. Creator Daniel Madison. ''In the beginning ... When Blaine produced his Gatorbacks, he inspired an idea in me that would become something more powerful than I ever imagined ... The Madison Hellions. Charm is deceit. I think art reaches its most beautiful state when it has nothing to hide, and I have always applied this idea through simple and minimal projects. But there was something in me that could only find a way out through something intricate and with incredible details. Good intentions. I explained to Oban Jones the idea and with his help, the Hellions were born. I put my heart, soul and art in everything I do and I'm proud that this can be seen in this deck. These, for me, are far more than playing cards. I'm Daniel Madison, and these are the Madison Hellions!''

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