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200600-Kamui Black 11mm Snooker Tips
Item No. 200600

Kamui Black 11mm Snooker Tips

Kamui Black 11mm Snooker Tips - Kamui Black Snooker Tips are specially selected 6 layered pig skin. The leather is tanned by a special moisture proof tannin. Giving the Kamui Black the black color and making it ''humidity resistant''. Kamui Japan found the way to apply this process without interfering with the porosity, adding more elasticity to the KB tip and protecting the tip from the environment. What you should expect from the New Kamui Black Tip is: Longer Durability, More Elasticity - Allowing more spin (grip) on the cue ball without overexerting yourself. And the KB tips have the same ability to grip onto the chalk which transfers to gripping the cue ball. KAMUI has developed five key points of playability, KAMUI believes that these five key points will provide total trust in your game. Available in Medium (200600) or Medium Hard (200601).

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