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540100-Fit Flight Air Standard Red
Item No. 540100

Fit Flight Air Standard Red

The Fit Flight AIR is about 35 percent thinner than the standard Fit Flight, which gives it a further weight reduction of about 33 percent! The durability of the flight remains excellent due to the extra flexibility due to the reduction in thickness. Fit Flight is the most innovative Flight and Shaft system on the market. Common types of flights are installed by inserting in narrow slots on all sides. With this method, however, flights fall off easily, and they require using parts for locked type or making an unwanted hole on a flight to avoid falling off. With the innovative Fit Flight System flight shapes are installed by pushing the full flight system onto the shaft, creating a complete unit. This solid one piece design gives you the perfect right angle in your flight. No 'squaring up' flights in between throws. And the strengthened nylon shaft gives a more stable base than found in other spinning flight/shaft systems. No wobbles or bent wires. Flights only to be used with the Cosmo Fit Flight locked or spinning shafts, manufactured with 100% strengthened plastic resin to enhance durability and increases resistance to bending, breaking, and curving.

Price: $11.99 CDN

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