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540514-Harrows System 5 Flight Pack
Item No. 540514

Harrows System 5 Flight Pack

Experiment with the flights in this tuning system and find the shape that reall suits your darts and your individual throwing style. This pack comes with 5 different sets of flight. Each set has 3 flights. Try the Vortex 353 - 29.3cm wing surface area, the Slim - 34.5cm wing surface area, the Fantail - 34.8cm wing surface area, Standard - 38.7cm wing surface area, or the state of the art AXIS flight - 41.6cm wing surface area. A player’s choice of flight can make a dramatic difference to the aerodynamics of the dart. For optimum performance, the dart should fly in an arc that is smooth, even, and without deviation, so that it penetrates the board an angle of 20 degrees from the horizontal.

Price: $9.99 CDN

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