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200453-Dufferin Comfort Billiard Glove
Item No. 200453

Dufferin Comfort Billiard Glove

The Dufferin Billiard Glove is a high-quality pool player’s glove. It is made to help the cue slide smoothly and accurately over the pool player’s bridge hand. There is less friction between the cue and the Billiard Glove allowing your stroke to be more consistent and is perfect for left or right-handed billiard players, men or women, amateurs or professionals crafted with soft durable Lycra® material for custom molded fit. This durable material gives a fiction free bridge for smooth cue shaft movement and is breathable for maximum comfort. Players can have smooth strokes, accurate shooting, and speed regardless of sweaty hands. Adjustable fit and easy on/off with hook loop wrist strap make this glove a great economical choice. Available in XS, S, M, L, and XL sizes. 200450 XS 200451 S 200452 M 200453 L ***Currently sold out** 200454 XL***Currently sold out**

Price: $17.99 CDN


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