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Dartworld/ Piranha



520002-Piranha II  Dart Set
Item No. 520002

Piranha II Dart Set

Bone Crunching, flesh tearing excitement awaits you with Piranha II steel tip darts. Made of 90% Nickel Tungsten in the USA, Dart World has combined their #1 selling dart with their #1 selling SHAFT...The Top Spin. With this spinning shaft on the Piranha, it creates a dart with fewer deflections and increases scoring. The Piranha has long been known for its quality, balance and design. The Piranha is made of 90% tungsten which allows for tighter groupings and higher scores. These darts now come packaged in Dart World's popular black and chrome Galaxy case. It is a beautiful presentation in this functional case. It features lots of storage space for extra flights and shafts. Barrel style may change with different weights. Get ready to bite into your opponents.

Price: $119.99 CDN


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