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520070-Harrows 90% Paragon Dart Set
Item No. 520070

Harrows 90% Paragon Dart Set

Paragon arrived thanks to a complex mix of milling and machining. A 90% tungsten parallel dart with an abundance of contrasting cuts, Paragon shows off the competent machining capabilities we have here at Harrows HQ. Divided into 10 symmetrical segments, the dart starts the QuadCut; 40 diamond-like grip zones, milled to perfection. As a result, consistent release and control are guaranteed. Taking 30 minutes from start to finish to fabricate each barrel is the pinnacle of industry leading machining. A complex 5-step CNC process combined with 2 coating phases, makes Paragon a visual and technical work of art. Paragon darts are supplied with Midi Aqua Supergrip Carbon shanks.

Price: $129.99 CDN


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