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800271-JOOLA Omega Control
Item No. 800271

JOOLA Omega Control

JOOLA’s new line of Omega table tennis rackets are geared towards recreational-level players looking to take their game to the next level. The Control Ping Pong Racket, the first in the series, is assembled with pips-in JOOLA Adapter 32 rubber on both sides with a sponge thickness of 1.8mm, providing more control. The softer sponge provides more spin at lower speeds. The blade is a 5-ply combination of basswood from the Tilia Americana tree and Tungwood from the Chinese Tung Tree, creating a 5.7mm blade thickness. Basswood is known for being light, strong and resonant. However, it has a soft and even texture which gives great feedback and helps develop the proper technique. Tungwood is sometimes used to substitute balsa and basswood since it is stronger, lightweight, and tougher, which allows the player to produce more power in every hit. The combination of these two types of wood is perfect for players that want to dictate the pace of the game by being able to control the ball (Basswood) while maintaining the ability to add power (Tungwood) in every shot. The flared handle offers a comfortable grip allowing better control when returning shots at opponents.

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