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730060-Character Meeples
Item No. 730060

Character Meeples

Upgrade your board games by replacing boring pawns with amazing Character Meeples. Everyone has their favorite. These are not just great for playing Carcassonne but are used to upgrade pawns in countless other games, representing workers, warriors, and more! How many games do you have that have some kind of marker for each player? Don’t be “green discs”, “yellow cylinders”, or “red tetrahedrons”. Be pirates and princesses! Be zombies or werewolves! Be anything you want. Also, I know that many of you already have Character Meeples lined up on your desk at work. Because you can. How big are Character Meeples? They are approximately 19mm tall. Characters do vary some, particularly those with hats, wings, etc. So find your favorite from a selection of over 50 characters that is always changing and play with passion.

Price: $2.99 CDN

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