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260259-Dufferin Canadian Blue 58'' 12.5mm - 19oz
Item No. 260259

Dufferin Canadian Blue 58'' 12.5mm - 19oz

The Dufferin Canadian Series cues will make a patriotic statement visually and at the table. The cue features striking Canadian maple leaf detailing. The cue boasts a double pressed black Irish linen grip and durable bakelite butt cap with maple leaf rubber bumper. The joint is a solid hitting 18 thread with stainless steel collars and metal and white ring details. The Butt has matching metal ring details and is finished with Dufferin’s unique UV lacquer finish to resist, chipping, scratching, fading and yellowing. A Canadian Hard Rock Maple shaft with 1” fibre ferrule and 12.5mm La Pro tip completes this unique looking cue. The shaft is hand finished with a special French wax to protect the wood and give the shaft a silky smoothness that will glide through your fingers with very little friction. Dufferin Billiards has been a world leader in the manufacturing of cues since 1967. Founded in Canada they have focused on the perfect balance between value, performance and durability. Combining state of the art manufacturing techniques with high-grade materials, Dufferin Cue has perfected the balance between strength and performance. All Dufferin Cue feature the highest grade select Canadian hard rock maple or select Ash and are suitable for any caliber of player.

Price: $139.99 CDN