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260123-Dufferin 500 Series Cue - 503 58'' 12.5mm
Item No. 260123

Dufferin 500 Series Cue - 503 58'' 12.5mm

500 Series is the lowest priced cue with a Uni-Loc® Quick Release joint on the market. The JL Series joint makes for speedy set-up and take-down of your cue and gives a precise solid connection. The Uni-Loc quick-release joint makes it feel as if you’re playing with a one-piece cue, so you’ll get incredibly accurate feedback and increased longevity. The one-turn-on, one-turn-off joint system has a concentric design that gives 360 degrees of equal pressure around the joint and is 30 times more accurate than a standard joint. The patented design also means your butt will fit perfectly with other shafts. The joint also has a very distinctive look sporting 2 black collars on the butt and 2 on the shaft separated by maple rings with a Birdseye maple joint collar. The butt features Birdseye maple and the grip is a double pressed Irish linen. A Canadian Hard Rock Maple shaft with XTC ferrule and Tiger Everest layered tip completes this gorgeous cue. The XTC ferrule is made from an advanced thermoplastic material that flexes slightly on impact for a further reduction in vibration and increased accuracy. The XTC doesn't absorb chalk or moisture, won't discolor. This cue also features an Adjustable Weight Bolt System under the unique Maple Leaf rubber bumper.

Price: $219.99 CDN

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