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260401-Dufferin Mosaic Series Cue - D533 58'' 12.5mm
Item No. 260401

Dufferin Mosaic Series Cue - D533 58'' 12.5mm

You’ll shatter the competition with the legendary quality and distinctive design of this Dufferin Mosaic Series cue. The D533 has a wrapless design featuring high-gloss black Canadian Rock Maple with intricate natural maple points, framing graphic white, natural and turquoise accents. Completed with two sets of double stainless steel rings sandwiching black and white rings this cue is an intricate work of art with details reminiscent of ancient Celtic knot work. The butt is protected with Dufferin’s unique UV lacquer finish to resist, chipping, scratching, fading and yellowing. The shaft is made from 100% Canadian Hard Rock White Maple and finished with a radial joint an XTC ferrule and Tiger Everest layered tip. The Mosaic Series also features: Low Density Core laminated shaft technology for precise cue ball control. Dufferin Billiards has been a world leader in the manufacturing of cues since 1967. Founded in Canada they have become a world leader in cue craftsmanship. Combining state of the art manufacturing techniques with high-grade materials, Dufferin Cue has perfected the balance between strength and performance. All Dufferin Cue feature the highest grade select Canadian hard rock maple or select Ash and are suitable for any caliber of player. Each Cue is available in a standard 19oz weight which can be changed using the adjustable weight balancing system that allows for Dufferin’s extender for quick connect.

Price: $249.99 CDN

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