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260120-Dufferin 500 Series Cue - 516 58'' 12.5mm - No Wrap
Item No. 260120

Dufferin 500 Series Cue - 516 58'' 12.5mm - No Wrap

Dufferin dares to take their 500 Series Cue to a whole new level with Low Density Core Technology. The shaft on these cutting edge cues incorporates front end mechanics that will dramatically reduce cue ball deflection, maintain optimum stiffness and increase control and consistency. LDC technology utilizes two different densities of wood - a lower density, lighter central core, laminated inside the Canadian Hard Rock Maple shaft to achieve shaft dynamics that are deadly accurate. The joint is a solid hitting 5/16 x 14T thread and has a very distinctive look sporting 2 black collars on the butt and 2 on the shaft separated by maple rings with a Birdseye maple joint collar. Combine this with a Pro Taper, XTC Ferrule made from an advanced thermoplastic material that flexes slightly on impact for a further reduction in vibration and increased accuracy, and a Tiger Everest layered tip and you have incredible playability at a shockingly low price. Dufferin Billiards has been a world leader in the manufacturing of cues since 1967. Founded in Canada they have become a world leader in cue craftsmanship. Combining state of the art manufacturing techniques with high-grade materials, Dufferin Cue has perfected the balance between strength and performance. This cue is perfect for any serious player looking to improve their game. Each cue comes in a standard 19oz weight which can be adjusted using a weight balancing kit.

Price: $269.99 CDN

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