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790005-Spot the Difference Picture Puzzles Book
Item No. 790005

Spot the Difference Picture Puzzles Book

Packed with more than 100 brain-boosting picture puzzles, this Spot the Difference book for adults is designed to keep your mind sharp and thoroughly entertained. Keep your brain fit by searching for the hidden differences between each set of pictures. Help improve memory and focus by completing a new challenge in this ''Find the Difference'' puzzle book every day! Keep your brain fit with more than 100 challenges for hours of fun and entertainment! Each Spot the Difference puzzle is designed to keep your vision sharp and help improve memory and focus. Perfect for at-home or on-the-go Find the Difference games, this lightweight, spiral-bound book is a go-to for travel puzzle books for adults Test yourself and give your brain some exercise by searching for a different object from one picture to the next Great adult gift for birthdays, holidays, and more! Collect more puzzle books for adults and kids from Cottage Door Press!

Price: $14.99 CDN

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