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120006-The Cocktail Box 50 Recipe Cards
Item No. 120006

The Cocktail Box 50 Recipe Cards

Over 50 cocktail recipe cards to get you toasting, cheers-ing and celebrating the best of life with the people in your life. There's nothing like a well-balanced drink to add a bit of pizzazz to your day. Whether you're toasting to a recent triumph, bringing together friends and family or just capping off a long day of work, mixing your own cocktails at home is easier than you think. Featuring 50 recipes for Prohibition-era classics such as the Southside and the Gimlet, and modern classics such as the Breakfast Martini, and the Bramble, The Cocktail Box is the home bartender's best friend. There are cocktails to suit every taste and occasion from bubbly and sweet fizzy drinks that bring the party spirit to dark and aromatic blends to help you unwind. Each card has a clear and easy to follow recipe and a little bit of cocktail knowledge for each drink. Gone are the days of having to prop open a book while measuring ingredients - just place or tape your card wherever it's easiest to see. You can also bring cocktails you want to try on your next shopping trip as a reminder of which ingredients you need. You can even use the cards to display cocktail choices at a party or announce the cocktail of the day. And when you're not sure which cocktail to try next, just shuffle the cards and pull a recipe at random for a delicious surprise!

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